Track events and activities

B2Bi includes a set of tools that provide you with end-to-end tracking and flow monitoring of business and technical events within B2Bi. These tools enable you to:

  • Track the success or failure of a process
  • Identify an issue and its phases of progress

B2Bi tracking and monitoring tools

To track a message or file exchange and monitor status and results, you can use the following B2Bi tools:

  • SentinelSentinel is an optional B2Bi extension that provides tools for monitoring business and technical events that occur in your transfer environment. Sentinel provides end-to-end monitoring services beyond the functionality provided by the B2Bi servers.
  • Sentinel monitoring agents reside natively on the B2Bi trading engine and integration engine. If you extend your B2Bi environment to include Transfer CFT, a Sentinel monitoring agent also resides natively on each instance of this application. These Sentinel monitoring agents generate Event Messages that contain data about application and platform events. The agents then send the Event Messages to the Sentinel Server environment.
  • In the Sentinel Server environment, Sentinel compares incoming Tracked-Event messages to a catalog of Tracked Objects. A Tracked Object is a model containing a set of attributes that describe an application event. Sentinel uses Tracked objects to extract the data from the fields of the Event Message, and then writes the data to a specific table in the Tracking Database.
  • A set of pre-built Sentinel tracking requests enable you to view details about the life cycles of messages that transit in B2Bi. You can use these tools to view alerts, performance indicators, information for monthly reports, day-to-day monitoring as well as document and message search results.
  • Message Tracker – Queries the trading engine to provide a detailed analysis of known root error causes. Results include flow visualization and payload.
  • Message Log – Queries the integration engine to provide a detailed analysis of file processing and communication exchanges. Results Include flow visualization and edit and resubmit capabilities.
  • Document Tracker – Queries the integration engine to provide document-traded electronic documents and acknowledgements. Results include search and resubmit capabilities.

The following diagram illustrates the use of different tools:

The use of different tracking tools in B2Bi.

Work with tracking and monitoring tools

The following topics describe how to work with B2Bi tracking and monitoring tools:

In addition to these standard B2Bi tools, you can optionally install a set of tools to directly monitor and tune the B2Bi integration engine. For details, see Integration Engine management tools. For details, see the B2Bi Operations Guide.

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