Message Log

Use Message Log to view integration engine message-processing related information, such transfer status, synchpoints, etc. Although Message Log includes reprocessing functions, we recommend the use of EDI Tracker for message reprocessing.

Message Log is for message-processing information. To view logs of system-related errors on the integration engine, see Trace Viewer.

Each message is associated with a unique LogId. A message going through the integration engine may change its shape (mapping, splitting, enveloping). For each new form of the message a new LogId is obtained. When you look at the Message Log, Hierarchical view, it is possible to see the complete chain of LogIds and log events and how each LogId is related to its child-LogIds and/or parent-LogIds.

Normal message-related errors are logged in the Message Log. For example:

  • Parsing failures
  • Classification failures (no matching criteria)
  • Send failures
  • Retrieve failed polling (ftp server down, or directory missing, POP server down…)

Some of the above log events also yield an Alert, normally only the first one of many.

The Message Log displays the logged information (including the relationships between messages). Each log entry represents a message for which events were logged. The exception is an entry that represents a failure to receive a message.

Open Message Log

  1. From the Windows Start menu select All Programs > Axway Software > Axway B2Bi [Installation Name]> B2Bi Tools > B2Bi Tools Client .
  2. Enter your Login and Password.
    The default login and password are both admin. However, the admin user can change the password and create additional logins in User Manager.
  3. From the tool panel, double-click the Message Log icon.

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