Axway CLI

The Axway CLI is a unified command line interface that provides a single entry-point for authentication, package management, and other Axway products.


With the Axway CLI you can:

  • Install and manage additional Axway command line programs
  • Authenticate against the Axway platform
  • Configure your local development settings
  • Automate Axway CLI commands from other scripting languages
  • Choose any authenticated account per command


Axway CLI version 2.x supports the following platforms:

Operating System Architecture



macOS 64-bit



The system requirements are:

Component Version
Node.js 14.15.0 LTS or later
npm 6.14.8 or later

Operating systems and architecture support varies across Axway CLI products. Refer to each product's requirements for more information.

Upgrading from AMPLIFY CLI

The Axway CLI will automatically import your AMPLIFY CLI settings.

However it will not import any installed packages. You will need to manually install them again. To get a list of your installed packages, run:

amplify pm ls

For each package listed, install it under the Axway CLI by running:

axway pm i <package_name>[@<version>]

Next Steps

Install the Axway CLI and follow the quick start guide:

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