PyDev Getting Started

This manual assumes that you have already had Python and Jython and IronPython installed in your machine, as well as Eclipse, Aptana Studio 2, or Aptana Studio 3.

Manual topics:


  • from update site and zips
  • uninstalling

Configuring the interpreter

  • specify the python interpreter and system PYTHONPATH
  • choose the modules to be dynamically analyzed (forced builtins)

Creating a project

  • Create the project
  • Specify referenced projects

Further configuring your project

  • specify folders containing the sources – added to the project PYTHONPATH
  • specify additional external folders to be added to the project PYTHONPATH

Creating your first python module

  • Checking code-completion

Running/Debugging your program
Configuring Eclipse Essentials

  • Auto-refresh

Tips for programming with PyDev

Further info on:

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