PyDev Download

This document has information about requirements for PyDev.


First-time users are strongly advised to read the PyDev Getting Started, which explains how to configure PyDev properly.


  • Java 5 or higher (Java 6 recommended)

At least one of:


Note if using Eclipse standalone: Python and IronPython require only the Platform Runtime Binary (download around 45-50 MB), and Jython also requires JDT.


  • PyDev is preinstalled in Aptana Studio 3.
  • For using the Django Templates editor, Aptana Studio 3 is required.
  • If PyDev is used with Aptana Studio 3, it cannot be installed or updated separately (Aptana Studio 3 must always be updated as a whole)

URLs for Aptana Studio 3 (with PyDev preinstalled):


Nightly builds:

URLs for PyDev as Eclipse plugin

URLs to use when updating with the Eclipse update manager:

Get zip releases

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