Dashboard 6.0.0 Release Note

Dashboard 6.0.0 - 30 March 2019

Dashboard 6.0.0 is a major release, which includes new features, improvements, and several bug fixes.

New features

  • Authentication is now shared between more AMPLIFY Platform services and features. The revised login experience will now redirect users to login.axway.com to begin an authentication flow.
  • AMPLIFY Platform Home has a new look and new products.  Organization administrators may request a feature trial in the new Application Integration product.
  • Introduced Appcelerator Crash Analytics general availability for organizations with Enterprise App Builder subscriptions.
  • Organizations with expired trials periods or subscriptions will now continue to have access to AMPLIFY Platform in order to request feature trials in other AMPLIFY Platform products.
  • Introduced new Consumer role for use with AMPLIFY Catalog.
  • Initial access to platform.axway.com will redirect users to a new landing page.
  • Custom branding can be applied to an organization's header and AMPLIFY Catalog page.
  • The Axway Labs section of AMPLIFY Platform Home has been removed.
  • Changes to a user email address are temporarily disabled.


  • Added Application Name to Custom Query builder fields.
  • Revised content and layout of common header.
  • Restored organization search and improved keyboard navigability for the common header.
  • Credential changes are now performed on a separate view from user information.
  • Improved content and formatting of user change email notifications.
  • Custom Queries can now be directly linked or bookmarked.
  • Changed Mobile Backend Services data table details to stacked layouts.
  • Updated API Builder Getting Started Guide, About, and Developer Guide links to point to API Builder Standalone v4.0.0 documentation.
  • Improved the Platform Terms of Use acceptance during user activation.

Fixed issues

  • Resolved an issue where the Mobile Backend Services Analytics did not properly update based on the selected API.
  • Resolved an issue where Custom Query builder may not have shown all known events.
  • Resolved an issue where Custom Query builder widgets were not calculating Average Session Length queries properly.
  • Resolved the issue where some feature events with punctuation were not being displayed in the App Analytics Events page.

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