Dashboard 4.14.0 Release Note

Dashboard 4.14.0 - 29 September 2017

Dashboard 4.14.0 is a minor release, which includes new features, improvements, and several bug fixes.

New features

  • The Dashboard is now available on https://platform.axway.com/ as well as https://platform.appcelerator.com/  
  • Updated links in the header for Axway University, Developer Portal, and Devlink and Dashboard is now available on the axway.com domains
  • Added link in the header for API Central Service
  • Added a "Show only my apps" filter to the All Projects page
  • Added more application type filters to the All Projects page (Titanium, Native, API Builder, Node.js, and Mobile Backend Services)


  • An Organization drop-down menu is now available in the header by selecting the Building icon to the right of user's name
  • Replaced activity feed and notification counts in the header with a Bell icon
  • Site header now shows user initials instead of a gravatar
  • Added password strength meter on the "forgot password" reset form
  • Updated the links on the API Management Trial page
  • Show version and documentation links in the footer when not logged in
  • Added an analytics event rate to the organization usage report

Fixed issues

  • Force browser reload when a user switches organizations in another tab or window
  • Fixed display of small values for cloud storage usage
  • Fixed demo data mode toggle (may appear on for users that have previously requested demo mode)
  • Fixed intercom control display blocking or interfering with the bottom right portion of some pages
  • Fixed the organization drop-down menu in the header to allow access to view expired organizations
  • Fixed display of error message on the sign-in form when the session becomes invalidated or invalid credentials are provided
  • Fixed issue when registering new APS SDK applications
  • Fixed a problem with creating and editing objects in Mobile Backend Services forms
  • Fixed issue viewing access and application logs for apps in virtual private cloud environments (VPCs)

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