Dashboard 4.13.0 Release Note

Dashboard 4.13.0 - 10 Aug 2017

Dashboard 4.13.0 is a minor release, which includes new features, improvements, and several bug fixes.

New features

  • For Pro or Enterprise organizations, there is now a link to App Preview on the App left-hand menu
  • For Pro or Enterprise organizations, there is now a link to Query Builder in the Analytics left-hand menu
  • Added support for on-demand training purchases


  • Improved sign-up and activation processes to reduce steps to completion and indicate progress through the onboarding flow
  • Email notifications are now sent when user accounts have been modified
  • Updated email templates and simplified verbiage
  • Revised Terms of Use for users of the trial, Indie, and Pro organizations
  • Updated Quick Start (tools), Titanium, CLI, Studio, and API Builder product page content and layout
  • Updated the API Builder Getting Started Guide page
  • Updated the Studio product page to show hardware requirements, supported macOS and Windows versions, and recommended Linux kernel versions

Fixed issues

  • Fixed issue with Mobile Backend Services (ArrowDB) usage view to display file and database storage usage for the current month and prior month
  • Fixed issue with display of database storage value
  • Fixed issues with push notification log pagination and filtering
  • Improved performance of Installs and Sessions metric on App Analytics view
  • Fixed issue to handle very small usage values (e.g. < 0.01 GB)
  • Fixed issue with display of unsupported browser page and updated list of supported browsers

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