Dashboard 4.11.1 Release Note

Dashboard 4.11.1 - 20 April 2017

Dashboard 4.11.1 is a patch release, which includes several improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added tooltip on ArrowDB Overview page indicating counts are requests against APIs for the object types, not object counts
  • Choosing "Keep me signed in for one week" on the sign-in form will reselect that option on next visit
  • Added a new page about API Management trial
  • Revised links in unified navigation header

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where apps with non-numeric versions may not show all analytics views properly
  • Fixed issue where the organization linked to a user's account page may reference the organization in the current user's session rather than the organization of the user being displayed
  • Various styling corrections with revised branding in header, activity feed, and navigation

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