Appcelerator CLI 7.0.2.RC Release Note

Appcelerator CLI 7.0.2.RC - 25 January 2018

Appcelerator CLI 7.0.2.RC is a patch release that includes several improvements and bug fixes.

Component versions

The following components are shipped with CLI 7.0.2:



API Builder 3.0.0
Cloud CLI 2.0.8
Titanium CLI 5.0.14


  • ALOY-1597 - Use babel-code-frame to provide context when failing to parse code
    • Used babel-code-frame to provide better parsing error messaging
  • ALOY-1592 - Builtins: Reimplement measurement by convertUnits
    • Re-implemented measurement by convertUnits
  • ALOY-1557 - Alloy: Keep Changelog up to date
  • ALOY-1534 - Add support for Backbone 1.3.3 and Underscore 1.8.3
    • Added support for Backbone 1.3.3 and Underscore 1.8.3

Fixed issues

  • ALOY-1596 - Mobileweb assets copied on alloy new
  • ALOY-1528 - getWidgetDirectories does not respect theme config.json
  • CLI-972 - proxyServer not working when building for the first time on CLI
  • CLI-1294 - registry.handleResponse does not handle the code returned from a platform call

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