Appcelerator CLI 6.1.0 Release Note

Appcelerator CLI 6.1.0 - 13 December 2016

Appcelerator CLI 6.1.0 is a minor release that includes one new feature and one bug fix.

Component versions

The following components are shipped with CLI 6.1.0:

Alloy 1.9.5
Arrow Builder 1.10.1
Arrow Cloud CLI 1.2.2
Titanium CLI 5.0.11

New features

  • CLI-1075 - Unable to configure which IP should the LiveView use
    • Added feature that allows users to configure which IP LiveView uses
    • This features introduces --liveview-ip, --liveview-fport and --liveview-eport flags


Fixed issues

  • CLI-1140 - Arrow app crashes with Uncaught Exception Cannot find module './ReactHostOperationHistoryHook'

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