Appcelerator CLI 5.4.0.Beta Release Note

Appcelerator CLI 5.4.0.Beta - 13 July 2016

Appcelerator CLI 5.4.0.Beta is a minor release that includes new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Component Versions

The following components are shipped with CLI 5.4.0.Beta:

Alloy 1.9.1
Arrow Builder 1.8.2
Arrow Cloud CLI 1.2.1
Titanium CLI 5.0.9

New Features

  • CLI-875 - appc use command should allow --prerelease option
    • The appc use command allows you to use prelease versions by using the --prerelease flag


  • CLI-741 - Allow for refreshing of session without logging in again explicitly
    • APPC CLI allows for refreshing of a session without having to log in again

Fixed Issues

  • CLI-941 - Running appc access get on an unpublished app won't throw correct error
  • CLI-955 - CLI should not tell a user to install a pre-release CLI as an update from a GA version
  • CLI-988 - "-o" (org-id) is not honored with appc login
  • CLI-998 - We are displaying an OEM vendor name in logging and should not
  • CLI-999 - "(node:19181) fs: re-evaluating native module sources is not supported." message appears

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