Appcelerator CLI 5.3.0.GA Release Note

Appcelerator CLI 5.3.0.GA - 2 June 2016

Appcelerator CLI 5.3.0.GA is a minor release that includes several bug fixes.

Component Versions

The following components are shipped with CLI 5.3.0:

Alloy 1.8.7
Arrow Builder 1.7.31
Arrow Cloud CLI 1.2.0
Titanium CLI 5.0.8

New Features

  • CLI-664 - Installr App plugin hook
    • App Preview has been integrated with the CLI 

Fixed Issues

  • CLI-948 - In preprod, appc whoami --full command returns only half output to Studio
  • CLI-955 - CLI should not tell a user to install a pre-release CLI as an update from a GA version
  • CLI-978 - Appc config get <key> always returns null
  • CLI-987 - Appcelerator Login not triggered when login is required on production build
  • CLI-1000 - Uploading app to app preview progress bar is seen multiple times in the studio console


  • CLI-963 - CLI: enable template options when creating Alloy project
    • Added feature that allows for creating two_tabbed Alloy project from CLI

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