Appcelerator CLI 5.2.2 Release Note

Appcelerator CLI 5.2.2 - 4 April 2016

Appcelerator CLI 5.2.2 is a patch release that includes several bug fixes.

Component Versions

The following components are shipped with CLI 5.2.2:

Alloy 1.8.5
Arrow Builder 1.7.29
Arrow Cloud CLI 1.2.0
Titanium CLI 5.0.6

Fixed Issues

  • ALOY-1368 - Complex data binding for individual model doesn't work with transform() method
  • ALOY-1369 - Complex data binding for collection doesn't work with transform
  • ALOY-1474 - Regression: Model data binding no longer works
  • ALOY-1477 - Regression: Missing model attributes cause error on collection data binding
  • ALOY-1479 - Regression: Model instance data binding no longer works

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