Amplify Platform Management


Amplify API Management Platform hides integration complexity, enforces IT policy and scales at will, providing centralized visibility, control and a marketplace for all your integration assets. This guide is for using the Amplify Platform Management interface to manage the following for the platform:

  • Users and accounts
  • Organizations
  • Billing
  • Members and teams

Also use the interface to:

  • Create and manage applications
  • View application metrics and analytics
  • Visualize the health of your business

Browser Support

The Amplify Platform supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 61+
  • Mozilla Firefox 52+
  • iOS Safari 11.1+
  • Microsoft Edge 17+
  • Internet Explorer 11 (has been deprecated with an end of support date of September 30, 2020).

If you try to access the Amplify Platform in an unsupported browser, you will be redirected to the Supported Browsers page.

Next Steps

Review the Getting Started documentation to start using the Amplify Platform Management interface.

May 04, 2021

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