Alloy 1.8.0 Release Note

Alloy 1.8.0 - 15 March 2015

Alloy 1.8.0 is a minor release that includes new, improvements, and bug fixes.

As of this release, Alloy 1.7.x will not be supported six months from 1.8.0's release date. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.


  • ALOY-1365 - Improve how Alloy works with i18n and platform folders
    • Alloy has improved i18n and platform-specific resources support. You can now add i18n and platform directories in your /app directory and in your active theme's directory. Additionally, widgets may also have an i18n directory.
    • When you build your app, Alloy will delete the /i18n and /platform/<platform> directories in the project's root directory. Next it will copy and merge the i18n and platform/<platform> directories from the Alloy app's directory into the project's root directory. For platform-specific files, it starts by copying all files from /app/platform/<platform>, then overrides with files from /app/themes/<theme name>/platform/<platform>. i18n files are copied from the /app/i18n and /app/themes/<theme name>/i18n directories followed by the each widget's /app/widgets/<widget name>/i18n directory.
    • It's important to reiterate that the /i18n/platform/<platform>, and /Resources directories are regenerated each time you build. Any manual change to files in these directories will be lost during the next build.
    • When creating a new Alloy project, it will automatically move existing /i18n and /platform directories into the /app directory. Existing Alloy apps that already have /i18n or /platform directories in the project's root directory will fail to build until these directories into the /app directory.
  • ALOY-86 - Add support for distributing widgets via NPM

Fixed Issues

  • ALOY-1361 - Destroy calling off on variables that may be undefined
  • ALOY-1369 - Complex data binding for collection doesn't work with transform

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