Alloy 1.12.0 Release Note

Alloy 1.12.0 - 20 April 2018

Alloy 1.12.0 is a minor release that includes several improvements and bug fixes.

As of this release, Alloy 1.10.x will not be supported six months from 1.12.0's release date. See Axway Appcelerator Deprecation Policy and Nominal Lifetimes documents for details.


  • ALOY-1603: Update momentjs to 2.21.0
    • Updated Moment.js to 2.21.0
    • View the Moment.js release notes here, previous version was 2.16.0

Fixed issues

  • ALOY-1606: Android: Debugger not hitting breakpoints on Windows
  • ALOY-1602: Avoid some global variables to be only available in parent controller
  • ALOY-1607: Fix BaseController.removeListener
  • ALOY-1609: Add plugins/ti.alloy to gitignore
  • ALOY-1599: Model Data binding problem with the first upper case in the model src
  • ALOY-1595: alloy compile broken on node 9.3.0
  • PR-878: Fix links in README

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