Configure the global external SMTP/SMTPS server

When you have started the Activator server and logged on to the user interface for the first time, one of the first things you should do is configure an external SMTP or SMTPS server. The system uses this SMTP/SMTPS server by default to send mail, unless its use is overridden in certain cases.

  1. Click System management on the top toolbar to open the System management page.
  2. Click Configure the global external SMTP server or Configure the global external SMTPS server to set up the server.
  3. Consult with your network or email administrator for the information needed to complete the configuration fields. Typically, only the "Server name" and "Port" fields need to be populated. The "User name" and "Password" fields are available, but are rarely used.
  4. Click Test… to test the connection to the SMTP server. Note, there is not a Test... button for SMTPS server.
  5. If the connection test is successful for SMTP server, or when you have finished configuring the SMTPS server, click Save changes....
Note   The Password, Confirm password, and User name field descriptions are limited to 128 characters.

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