Add a PeSIT trading pickup (polling client)

Use this procedure to add a trading pickup to a community for polling a partner's PeSIT server.

The polling pickup is linked to a trading partner delivery.



  1. In the Activator user interface, select Trading configuration > Manage trading configuration.
  2. From the list of communities, click the name of a community to display the Summary page for that community.
  3. Click Trading pickup in the navigation graphic to open the Trading pickups page.
  4. Click Add a pickup.
  5. Choose the transport protocol PeSIT and click Next.
  6. Select Define a new PeSIT polling client and click Next.
  7. Complete the fields of the Configure the PeSIT client settings page.
    • Remote partner URL – Use the Pick polling URL button to select the URL that corresponds to the delivery exchange of the partner to poll. The URL has the format: pesit://<Server Address>:<Port>
    • This polling pickup uses all of the settings from the selected partner delivery exchange.
    • FileName (PI12) – Enter here the name of the file you want to poll from the server. You can enter a star (*) at the end to select all files starting with the characters before the star.
  8. Enter a name for the pickup to identify it in the user interface.
Tip   Enter a name that is easily identifiable in a list of pickups in the user interface.
  1. Click Finish.

After you add the pickup

You can view and modify the pickup. For details, see Modify a PeSIT trading pickup (polling).

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