Add a PeSIT application pickup (embedded server)


Add a community. For details, see Add a community.


  1. In the Activator user interface, select Trading configuration > Manage application pickup exchanges.
  2. Click Add an application pickup exchange to open the exchange wizard.
  3. Select PeSIT and click Next.
  4. Select the From address and To address that match your needs.
  5. Select Define a new embedded PeSIT server and click Next.
  6. Complete the fields of the Configure the PeSIT server page.
    • Server name – Enter a name for the new embedded PeSIT server. This is the name that appears in the embedded servers list.
    • Port – Enter the port on which the server will listen. This must be a free port on the machines of the cluster.
    • Access to this server requires a password – If you want the back-end application to provide a password to connect to your server, choose this option, and then enter the required password.
    • Clients must use SSL to connect to this server – Select this option if you want to secure the connections to your server over SSL/TLS. You will need to add a server certificate and private key for this server.
      • This server requires client authentication – Select this option if you require the client to authenticate itself with its own certificate when connecting (mutual authentication). This means you must import the client’s certificate to the community’s personal certificate list. If you want to use the pickup for multiple communities, you must import the same certificate to each community
  7. Enter a name for the exchange to identify it in the user interface.
Tip   Enter a name that is easily identifiable in a list of exchanges in the user interface.
  1. Click Finish.

After you add the exchange

You can view and modify the exchange. For details, see Modify a PeSIT application pickup (embedded server).

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