Activator trading communities can use the PeSIT message protocol to exchange files with back-end applications and with remote trading partners.

PeSIT is an abbreviation for Protocole d'Echange du Système Interbancaire de Télécompensation. In English this translates as "Inter-bank electronic payment system protocol". For more information about PeSIT, see .

The PeSIT protocol exists in several profiles: (SIT, Hors SIT), in several versions (PeSIT D, PeSIT E) and in sub-versions that correspond to the supported network type (TCP/IP, X25, …). The version of PeSIT handled by Activator is PeSIT HSE (PeSIT Hors SIT version E).

PeSIT is a very effective and secure protocol for transferring files. Notable features of PeSIT are:

  • Checkpoint indicators to ensure that a transfer can be restarted from a point near the point of interruption, in the event of a transfer error
  • Transfer of metadata along with a payload
  • Acknowledgments, compression, priority, file naming, file format control
  • TLS security support

Activator supports exchanges with any back-end or remote-partner application that supports PeSIT HSE.

Use PeSIT with Axway Transfer CFT

A typical use of the PeSIT protocol is for exchanges with the Axway Transfer CFT product. Transfer CFT is a high-performance, multi-platform managed file-transfer controller. It is a non-intrusive, high-volume component that ensures the same quality of service and a uniform interface to users and applications throughout the enterprise, regardless of the underlying platforms. It provides essential features to manage the automation, monitoring and governance of file transfers.

PeSIT limitations and special usages

The excerpt of requirement from the supporting document with the requirements in the B2Bi Sentinel cleanup done in B2Bi 2.2.2:

  • PeSIT store-and-forward is not supported in Activator.
  • For PeSIT exchanges, Activator routing IDs are used as PeSIT protocol IDs:
    • PI3 = caller's protocol identity
    • PI4 = server’s protocol identity
  • In the PeSIT standards, the PI99 parameter is a free text block. Transfer CFT and Axway MFT use this parameter to transfer information that is supplementary to information contained in the other message fields defined for the protocol. This supplementary information is often referred to in Axway documentation as "Transfer CFT PeSIT extensions". Activator supports the PI99 field but does not apply any dedicated processing logic to populate or decode it.

About your PeSIT license

You can use the PeSIT message protocol features of Activator if your license enables these features. To check your licensed features see Help > License information. The PeSIT license is listed under Trading engine features as "Axway Transfer", and should have the value "Enabled".

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