HTTP (external) trading configuration

Communities can send messages to partners using an external HTTP server.

Use the following fields to configure this transport.

  • URL – The URL for connecting to the server. If Encode and Decode buttons display, click Encode if the URL contains spaces or non-alphanumeric characters to encode the characters. Click Decode to reverse the transformation. For example, if you enter bar and click Encode the URL becomes
  • Clients must use SSL to connect to this server – Select this to have Secure Sockets Layer protocol in use during connections. The server presents a certificate for verification. To do this, a certificate in a profile must be designated as the SSL certificate. The server must support SSL. If this is not selected, connections are not encrypted.
    • Enable host name verification – When you select this option, Activator compares the name of the SSL server to the name in the server’s certificate to ensure they are the same.
  • This server requires a user name and password – If selected, type a user name and password to connect to the server.

Click Next if you want to name the exchange. Otherwise, click Finish.

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