Add an HTTP application delivery

This topic describes how to add an HTTP application delivery to enable the delivery of messages to a remote HTTP server.

Do you require basic authentication of HTTP users

To activate HTTP basic authentication on a delivery, during the procedure below, select the option This server requires a user name and password. Then create user account names and passwords.

Add the delivery

To add an HTTP application delivery:

  1. In the Activator user interface, select Trading configuration > Manage application deliveries to open the Application deliveries page.
  2. Click Add an application delivery to open the exchange wizard.
  3. Select HTTP as the transport protocol and click Next.
  4. Configure the HTTP settings:
    • URL – Enter the URL of the HTTP server to which you are attaching for delivery.
    • Clients must use SSL to connect to this server – Select this option to have Secure Sockets Layer protocol in use during connections to this server. The server presents a certificate for verification. To do this, a certificate in a profile must be designated as the SSL certificate. The server must support SSL.
    • Enable host name verification – When you select this option, Activator compares the name of the SSL server to the name in the server’s certificate to ensure they are the same.
    • This server requires a user name and password – If the HTTP server to which you are connecting requires HTTP basic authentication, select this option and enter a valid name and password for the connection.
  5. Enter a name for the delivery to identify it in the user interface.
  6. Hint: Enter a name that is easily identifiable in a list of exchanges in the user interface.
  7. Click Finish.

After you add the exchange

You can view and modify the exchange. For details, see Modify an HTTP application delivery .

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