Email (embedded) trading configuration

Activator can use an embedded SMTP server to receive messages from partners.

Initial configuration

When you use the exchange wizard to add an email pickup to a community using an embedded SMTP server, you begin by selecting one of the following options:

  • Use a detached email server – If you select this option you must enter the connection parameters to the remote POP server of your choice.
  • Use the system’s global embedded SMTP server – If you select this option, Activator sets up the email address for you.
  • Use a previously defined embedded SMTP server (if available) – If you select this option, the wizard prompts you to select a server from a list of available embedded servers.
  • Define a new embedded SMTP server – If you select this option, the wizard prompts for a server name and port number.

The following fields are used in the delivery exchange wizard for adding an embedded SMTP server transport by defining a new embedded SMTP server.

  • Server name – A name identifying the embedded SMTP server. You can use any name you want.
  • Port – The port number that listens for incoming SMTP connections. The default is 4025.

After you specify the server to use, you enter a name for the exchange and click Finish.

Set the system property to permit EDI processing

To enable Activator to automatically process the incoming EDI files that are attached to emails, regardless of the used Mime type, after you configure Activator for the reception of email messages you must set a system property to force Activator to ignore the ContentMimeType attribute value. To do this:

  1. Log into the Activator user interface as an administrator.
  2. Manually enter the following URL in your browser: http://<localhost or machinename>:<port>/ui/core/SystemProperties#
  3. The Systems Properties page is displayed.
  4. At the bottom of the page click Show default system properties.
  5. Find the default system property entry actionTree.clearContentTypeProtocolsList, and click Add Property.
  6. In the Value field, enter AS2.
  7. Click Add.

After you configure the transport

Once you have set up the transport, you can modify the server settings, if necessary. See Modify a global embedded SMTP server or SMTP (embedded) configuration.

Note   The Password, Confirm password, and User name field descriptions are limited to 128 characters.

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