Tools in tools directory

The tools directory located at <Activator_install_directory>\Activator\tools contains many tools. The following table summarizes the tools and provides links for more information about some of them. Some of these tools are easy to use, but others are not intended for use by end users or should be used only on the advice of technical support.

If you use Windows, the names of these tools have an extension of .cmd. If you use Linux, whether or not the tools have an extension depends on the specific brand of Linux OS.

Depending on whether you use Windows or Linux, some of these tools may not have been installed with the application. If a tool changes a value in the database, restart the server for the change to take effect.




Scans public-key certificates and reports information, warnings and errors. See Analyze certificates for errors.


When performing troubleshooting, this tool can be used to compress and send log files to technical support. Technical support often requests log files when helping users. Run the tool from a command line and follow the menu prompts.


The diff tool is similar to the Linux diff tool and the Windows comp tool. It improves upon these tools by reporting the offsets of differences even in binary files. Also, it is platform independent, and it sets exit codes to allow shell scripts or batch files to make use of the tool. Very large files are processed using Java nio buffers for efficiency. The tool provides help if you invoke it with -?.


Tests the Java temp or other specified directory by writing an unbuffered and a buffered temp file. This tool is for use only upon advice of technical support.


Performs tests on the content of the ebXML CPA. The tool makes sure matching elements in each PartyInfo element of the ebXML CPA are consistent. See Tools for CPAs.


Used for digitally signing CPAs. Its various functions all relate to signing and verifying digital signatures of a CPA. See Tools for CPAs.


Performs a schema validation on a CPA. See Tools for CPAs.


Exports community and partner profiles to XML files. Community profiles are exported as partner profiles. Partner profiles also can be exported as partner profiles, either singly or in a batch. Run exportProfile without parameters to display directions for using the tool.


Extracts KeyInfo element information from a certificate for use in a CPA for ebXML trading. See Extract KeyInfo element for a CPA.


Interleaves multiple log files and sorts log entries chronologically. It also can filter log categories, log levels and threads. This tool is not for use by end users.


Immediately deletes all database records of traded messages and all files in the backup directory. See Purge the trading engine.


Used to generate all possible MMDs or a specific MMD for an ebXML CPA. See Tools for CPAs.


Resets the HTTPS/HTTP user interface port in the event of a port conflict that makes the UI inaccessible. This tool is for use only upon advice of technical support. Before running the tool, uncomment the line corresponding to HTTPS or HTTP in the startup.xml file at <Activator_install_directory>\Activator\conf. Run the tool without parameters to display instructions for use. In addition, read the port resetting instructions in the startup.xml file at Activator_install_directory>\Activator\conf.


Finds network interfaces for a computer. See Configure server IP binding.


Sets Activator messages that are stuck in the in-process state to a status of failed. This tool is for use only upon advice of technical support, and only when all TE and CN nodes are stopped. Run the tool without parameters to display a list of valid parameters.


Backup tool for editing the ...conf\startup.xml file in case the setup method described in Configure the UI does not work properly.

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