Open the user interface

Before logging on the first time

Before logging on for the first time to the user interface, make sure:

  • The database is properly configured
  • The server is running
  • You have a compatible browser:
    • Internet Explorer 11.1593.14393.0
    • Internet Explorer 11.0.96
    • Opera 48.0.2685.32
    • Mozilla Firefox 33.0.3
    • Mozilla Firefox 55.0.3
    • Google Chrome:
    • Microsoft Edge: 38.14393.1066.0

Logon procedure

To log on to the user interface:

  1. Make sure the server is running.
  2. Open a compatible browser.
  3. Enter the URL: https://[Host]:6443/ui/
  4. Where Host is the fully-qualified domain name or IP address of the computer running the server.
  5. If your browser and Activator are on the same computer, you can use localhost.
  6. Activator opens the logon screen.
  7. If you are logging on for the first time, enter:
    • User ID: admin
    • Password: Secret1
Note   To enforce product security, when logging into the Activator user interface for the first time as the admin user, the interface requires you to change the default admin password.

The first time you log on, a page titled Getting started displays. It provides tips and links for configuring the application.

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