Configure automated trading engine purge

You can configure Activator to delete unwanted database records and files in the backup directory based on the age of the records and files.

To configure automatic purging:

  1. In the Activator user interface, from the menu bar select Trading configuration > Manage trading configuration to open the Communities page.
  2. From list of tasks, select Configure purge dates for trading engine messages.
  3. Select an option:
    • Delete messages on their purge dates
    • By default, the trading engine is set to delete database records and backup files after they have been in the system for 45 days. Use the years / months / days fields to change the age settings. The system checks every 15 minutes to delete records and documents that have reached their purge dates.
    • If you change the purge interval, the new interval affects only messages processed after the change. The purge dates of messages processed before the change remain the same. But you can use another tool to change purge dates retroactively, to synchronize with a new purge interval. See Purge the trading engine.
    • Only database records and messages in a final state are deleted. A final state is when no more processing action is pending. Final states are reported in Message Tracker as: Delivered, Failed and Resubmitted.
    • Turn off purging, but continue setting purge dates
    • You can choose to turn off purging of database records and backup files. This is not recommended unless you have requirements for maintaining database records and backup files indefinitely.
  4. Click Save changes.
Note   Set the age for deleting messages to a value identical to the age for deleting message-related events. For more information, see Configure event purge.

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