Back up a community and its partners

You can back up (or "export") a community and all of its partners to a single compressed file. The backed-up file includes all configuration settings specific to the community and all of the partners associated with the community. This includes public and private keys and configurations for inbound message validation and HTTP proxies.

Also included are configurations for all deliveries, except community application pickups, which are common to all communities and not to a single one.

Message Handler actions are not backed up, as these are set up in an area of the user interface shared by all communities. Also, community and partner collaboration settings are backed up; although, the default collaboration settings are not.

You can back up a community and keep the file in reserve for disaster recovery or other reasons. The file can be imported to an installation of Activator with a fresh database, providing instant configuration of a community and its associated partners.

You cannot export a community from Activator running on one type of platform and import it to a Activator installation on another platform. For instance, if you export a community from a Activator instance on Windows, you must import it to the same or different instance also on Windows.

If you have configured any pluggable transports, these are saved to the backup file, except for application pickups. Pluggable transports are customized message consumption and production exchanges available to users of the Software Development Kit. Restoring pluggable transports upon importing the backup file requires having a pluggabletransports.xml file in <Activator_install_directory>\Activator\conf that describes the transports. For example, if the backup saves two application deliveries based on a custom transport configured in pluggabletransports.xml, the instance of Activator that imports the backup also must have identical configuration for the custom transport in its pluggabletransports.xml file.

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Back up a community

Use this procedure to back up a community and all of its partners to a single compressed file. Also see: Import a backed-up community.

  1. In the Axway Activator user interface, from the Trading configuration menu, select Manage trading configuration to open the Communities page.
  2. Click on the name of the community you want to back up, to open the Summary page for that community.
  3. At the bottom of the community summary page, click Export this community and its partners.
  4. Enter a password for the exported file. This protects the community's private keys and sensitive data. This password is required when you later import this file.
  1. Click Export.
  2. Activator generates a community profile XML file, using the community and all associated partners.
  3. It is best to keep the backed-up file as-is; do not decompress it. Do not open the file or extract parts of it with the intent of importing individual pieces. If you import the file, Activator deploys the community and associated partners. For more information, see Import a backed-up community and its partners.

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