Automatic profile importing

Activator automatically imports community or partner profiles written to a certain system directory. These must be profiles that have been exported from B2Bi, or from Interchange or Activator.

Profiles written to <Activator_install_directory>\Activator\profiles\autoImport are imported by Activator when the server is running. Once imported, the system moves the profiles files from profiles\autoImport to the appropriate profiles\backup subdirectory, either community or partner. The system makes all imported partner profiles members of all communities. The system creates pickups and deliveries for an imported community.

If Activator is unable to import a profile file in the autoImport directory, the system moves the file to \profiles\autoImport\rejected.

Note   If you have exported a community and its partners to a backup file (see Back up a community and its partners), do not use the autoImport directory to import the file. Activator rejects the file. If you want to import any partner profile that is protected by a password, you need to add the password as an attribute in the root element of the exported xml profile (for example, password=’yourpassword’ ).

The system also has some profile staging directories, as shown in the following illustration. The system does not write to these directories, except during installation when a user is upgrading from a previous version. The directories are a place to hold profile files before a user moves them to the autoImport directory. The software installer, for instance, writes profile files to the staged directories if the user during installation chooses to have profiles exported from an earlier version of the trading engine.










Events for profile imports and rejects are written to control node events log(hostname_cn_events.log)in the logs directory. The events are:

  • Administration.Configuration.Party.CommunityImported
  • Administration.Configuration.Party.PartnerImported
  • Administration.Configuration.Party.ImportFailedSecret1

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