Import ECC certificates

Tip   ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) certificates are ideal for scenarios where server-load performance is critical. Because of the smaller key size with an ECC certificate, less data is transmitted from the server to the client during the SSL handshake. ECC certificates require less CPU and memory, increasing network performance and making a potentially large difference on high-volume or high-traffic sites.

Use the following steps to import an ECC certificate into Activator and associate it with a community.

  1. To associate a certificate with a community, click Certificates on the navigation graphic on the community summary page to display the certificates page.
  2. Select the Add a personal certificate tab to open the Certificate Wwizard.
  3. Click Add certificate and select Import a certificate and private key from a file, see Import key pair in certificate file. Click Next.
Note   You cannot create a self-signed ECC certificate.
  1. Select Choose File and locate the certificate to associate with the community. This will be the default certificate for the SSL client authentication. Click Finish.
  2. If you are configuring HTTPS and you selected Require client authentication, select the Trusted roots certificates tab and add a trusted root certificate. With this option, the server requires the user's browser to send a certificate back to the HTTPS server. The HTTPS server must trust the certificate returned by the browser client.
  3. Click Save.

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