Import certificates for partners

Use this procedure to import a trading partner’s certificate and associate it with a partner object in your configuration.

If a trading partner also uses Axway software, the partner’s certificate and public key normally is inside the imported partner profile. You need to import a partner’s certificate file when:

  • A partner uses other interoperable software and you must import the partner’s certificate file after creating the partner’s profile.
  • or
  • A partner sends you an updated certificate file to replace one that is associated with the partner’s profile on your system.

If your partner uses other interoperable software and wants to send you a self-signed certificate, advise the partner to export the certificate to a PKCS#7 file (.p7c) and include all certificates in the certification path, if possible.

  1. Make sure you have access on your system to the certificate file your partner sent you.
  2. In the partners area of the user interface, go to the summary page for the partner you want.
  3. Click Certificates on the navigation graphic at the top of the partner summary page to open the partner’s certificates page.
  4. Click Add a certificate to start the certificate wizard.
  1. Click Next to display the file selection page.
  1. Click Browse to open the Browse dialog box.
  2. Select the certificate file you want to import and click Open to redisplay the certificate wizard.
  3. Click Next to display the view certificate details page.
  1. If you want, type a name for the certificate in the Name field. This name can help you tell one certificate from another.
  2. To make the certificate the default encryption certificate, select Make this the default encryption certificate. This option is selected by default.
  3. To make the certificate the default SSL authentication certificate, select Trust this for SSL server and/or client authentication. This means the partner presents this certificate when the community requests client authentication to connect to a SSL server. See SSL authentication.
  4. Click Finish. The partner certificates page is redisplayed with the certificate you imported.
  5. Before you attempt to exchange encrypted and signed documents, contact the partner and confirm that the fingerprints in the certificate you imported are identical to the partner’s.

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