Server administration

The following topics provide information about the administration of Axway Activator servers:

  • Architecture - Describes the logical structure of the Activator Server environment.
  • Trading Engine - Describes the technology behind the sub-servers that provide Activator functionality.
  • Trading Engine directories - Describes key elements of the Activator sub-server directories.
  • Log files - Describes the location of various types of Activator log files.
  • User interfaces - Describes the user interfaces used to manage and monitor the Activator Server.
  • Patches and service packs - Briefly introduces patches and service packs, and points to additional information sources.
  • Configure the UI - Describes how to use the Configure UI connection page to:
    • Specify how browsers connect to the Axway Activator Server
    • Specify how the Activator client environment connects to the Activator Server
    • Configure user Single Sign On (SSO) and off
  • Configure server IP binding - Describes the Server IP binding task, which is an advanced system task generally reserved for network managers.
  • Configure global transport settings - Describes the Configure global transport settings page that is used to configure the user lockout behavior of Activator native embedded transport servers.
  • Configure the global external SMTP/SMTPS server - Describes how to enable email notifications for system administrators.
  • Generate cluster thread dumps - Describes how to generate system statistics file for use in troubleshooting.
  • Data storage, backups, and purging - Describes strategies and methods for storing, conserving, and purging the information collected for traded documents and messages.

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