Trading Engine

The Activator trading engine is written entirely in Java. It relies on a regular Java TM SE Runtime Environment, version 8.

The trading engine web interface is based upon Cocoon and uses an embedded Jetty application server, version 6.

This custom processing logic, implemented as a user-defined Java class, can be selectively applied at runtime to inbound or outbound messages.

Activator engine files, logs and tools

After you install Activator, configuration files, logs and tools, specifically related to the trading engine, are located in this directory:

Activator installation name]/ Activator/

The Activator installation log is located in the root of the installation directory:

Activator_ installation_directory\install4j\installation.log

Activator engine runtime data persistence

As Activator processes data, the trading engine will collect and persist the following types of run-time data on the file system and in the database:

  • Payloads
  • Log / trace files
  • Message-processing details

This information is stored for a certain period, after which most of it is removed automatically.

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