Deploy and promote configurations

The following provides information about moving your configurations between various development, testing, and production environments.

Use backup restore tools

Activator backup and restore tools are important tools for deployment and promotion. Using the various backup and restore tools you can handle the following groups of configured objects:

  • Partner – A partner backup (or "partner profile") contains the definition of a single partner.
  • Community (with associated partners) – A community backup (or "community profile") contains the backup a single community and all of its associated partners.

Manage custom components and files

Most Activator environments include a certain number of customized components and files. These elements require special handling as you move them from one Activator environment to another. The procedures for promoting and deploying these elements vary depending on the element type.

Trading engine

Inline processors

To deploy and promote inline processors, put inline processors in the following directory on the nodes.

<Activator_Install_Dir>\ Activator \site\jars

After you deploy the inline processor you must restart server.

Manage configuration files

Any configuration files that you have manually modified, must also be modified in the target system to implement the same changes.

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