Naming conventions

Objects are easier to locate and manage in the Activator user interface if you following an organized set of naming conventions:

  • To make object names easier to read, use "mixed case" notation and an underscore "_"
  • Start most object names with an upper case "object type" prefix followed by an underscore "_" and then use lower-case characters, separating words with an underscore "_"
  • Application, community, and partner objects can represent any kind of business, group or IT entity. To make the entity type clearly visible, start these object names with a one-character prefix (a, c, p).
  • Start all types of pickups (<x>P) and deliveries (<x>D) with a two-character "object type" prefix and end them with a "P" or a "D".

Community-level object naming conventions

Object Naming convention
Community <communityName>
Community Routing ID

<communityName> (same as community)

Trading pickup


Where: [ie] identifies the Integration Engine transports (capitalize following character for readabilty)

Partner-level object conventions

Object Naming conventions
Partner <partnerName>
Partner Routing ID


Partner Delivery PD_<ie><protocol>[_<partnerName>][_<var>]

System-level object- naming conventions

Object Naming conventions
Application Pickup


(for Custom Application Pickups use protocol = “custom”)

Application Delivery


(for Custom Application Deliveries use protocol = “custom”)

Other Attribute templates No special naming convention or prefix required. Attributes are managed in the context of “domains”.

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