Set the Java network cache value

After you install Activator, and before you open a session in the Activator user interface, you must manually change the Java network cache value to 400. The default value after installation (-1) is defined as cache forever until restart. Changing the value allows Activator to adjust to any host name/IP address updates without a restart.

To change the value:

  1. Go to <Activator_install>\jre\lib\security\ on the server where you installed Activator.
  2. Open the file in a text editor.
  3. Locate the setting networkaddress.cache.ttl, delete the # symbol to un-comment the line, and then change =-1 to =400.
  4. Save the modifications and close the file.
  5. Re-open the file and verify that the networkaddress.cache.ttl line has not reverted to its original state.

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