Java memory usage

The Java maximum memory limit can be reached in cases of high load and when Activator processes large messages. Exceeding the memory limit can lead to the following types of errors (depending on the component module that throws the error):

  • “no memory left”
  • “java heap space”

To manage this type of error:

  • Check the amount of memory that is available when you perform a load test. To do this you can use tool such as top, topas, free, nmon or Task Manager, depending on the OS. Make sure the system has enough memory to handle the load. The minimum memory required is 4GB. Depending on your configuration and processing load, this number varies. In many cases, 10 to 16 GB of memory is required.
  • Check if Xmx values are high enough in the trading engine.
    • Trading engine – Open the file <Activator_install_directory>/Activator/conf/jvmArguments.xml in a text editor, and modify the Xmx value for the related node. For additional information see Java memory settings for the trading engine.

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