Add a pickup group

To add a pickup group:

  1. From the Trading configuration menu, select Manage pickup groups to open the Pickup groups page.
  2. In the Add new group area of the Pickup groups page, enter a name for the new pickup group in Group name text box and click Add.
  3. When you add a new pickup group it is initially empty. The following steps describe how to populate the group with pickups.
  4. Click Manage pickup group assignments at the bottom of the page to open the Manage pickup group assignments page.
  5. This page lists all available application and trading pickups in the system, as well as pickup group membership, status, type and location. (Alternatively, you can open this page by selecting Trading configuration > Manage pickup group assignments from the menu bar.)
  6. If too many pickups are displayed, use the search filters to reduce the display list by filtering by group, pickup name, transport type, location, group status or a combination of these filters.
  7. From the list of pickups, select the pickups that you want to add to the group.
  8. From the Select an action drop-down box, select Add to group.
  9. From the group name drop-down select the name of the group to which you are adding the selected pickups.
  10. Click Selected to add only the selected pickups to the group.
  11. Activator adds the selected pickups to the group and updates the Manage pickup group assignments page with the name of the group added to pickup in the Group name column.

After you add a pickup group

After you add a pickup group you can:

  • Add pickups to the group
  • Remove pickups from the group
  • Activate or deactivate the group
  • Export the group.
  • Rename the group
  • Delete the group.
  • Add additional groups.

For descriptions of these actions, see Modify a pickup group.

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