Add a community

For a description of communities, see Communities.

Select an method for adding a community

When you launch the Add Community Wizard, you begin by selecting a creation method:

Manually create a new community

To add a new community:

  1. From the Trading configuration menu, select Manage trading configuration.
  2. Click Add a community.
  3. Select an option for your community creation method:
  4. Manually create a new community and click Next.
  5. Complete the fields:
    • Community name – Enter a name to identify this community in the user interface.
    • Full name – Enter an administrative contact name for this community.
    • Phone number - Enter the complete phone number for the community contact.
    • Email address – Enter an email address for the community contact.
    • Routing ID – Enter an ID to use as a routing reference in the user interface.
    • Party ID type – For ebXML, enter an ebMS party ID type only if the routing ID you enter is not a URI. For additional information, see ebXML overview.
  6. Select the default, Yes, launch the wizard to add a certificate. Optionally, you can add a certificate at a later time.
  7. For details about certificate management, see Add a certificate.
  8. Enter one or more values for any attributes that display in the Define community attributes wizard.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Select the default, Create a self-signed certificate and click Next

Import a backed-up community profile and its partners in a compressed file

Use this procedure to import a backed-up file containing a community profile and its associated partner profiles.

You can import a backed-up community profile to a new instance of the trading engine with a fresh database or to an existing instance.

You must import the backed-up profile through the user interface. You import the same compressed file that was exported. Do not copy the file to the profiles\autoImport directory. The file is not compatible with auto-importing.

  1. From the Trading configuration menu, select Manage trading configuration.
  2. Click Add a community to open the Add a community wizard.
  3. Select Import a backed-up Activator community and its partners in a compressed file and click Next.
  4. Complete the fields:
    • File name – Use the browse tool to select the backed-up community file.
    • Password – Optionally enter the password for access to the backed-up file. Entering the password is optional, but recommended. If you do not use a password, the community private keys are not imported. However, the community profile and all associated partner profiles are imported.
    • Overwrite existing partners – This option is selected by default. Clear this option if you do not want an imported partner profile to overwrite a profile already in the trading engine.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. The backed-up community and partners are imported. If a duplicate community is detected, you can overwrite the existing community or rename the imported community.

After you create a community

The community creation wizard enables you to create a community with a basic set of configuration characteristics. After you create a community, you can view, modify, delete, and extend the community configuration. See Modify a community.

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