Configure record transformation on pickups and deliveries

If you are licensed to exchange messages over PeSIT, you can configure the pickups and deliveries of this protocol to perform records transformations when they send and receive messages.

For general information about configuring PeSIT exchanges, see PeSIT.

Benefits of pickup and delivery record transformation

  • Saved disk space – Only the destination or source file is on the disk in the destination/source format.
  • Enhanced processing speed –
    • Overhead on transmission is minimal.
    • You save the time of file-to-file transformation.

Limitations of pickup and delivery record transformation

The following limitations result from the modification of the sent or received payload:

  • Payload signing is not possible.
  • Multi-byte character set transformation is unavailable.
  • Restart from point of interruption is harder to manage.

Transformation of records on pickup

For the records that you receive via PeSIT:

  • The Virtual File Format attributes are set by the sender prior to the file reception.
  • The source payload is received through the PeSIT pickup.
  • The file records are transformed during the reception of the file.
  • The trading engine writes the file to a local directory in the destination (transformed) format.

To configure Activator to transform received files, you must indicate the format in which you want to receive the payload. To do this, you set the Local File Format attributes in a Message Attributes Template. You then link the Message Attributes Template to the pickup. The trading engine applies the Message Attributes Template before it identifies the local format attributes. For an example, see Example: Text transformation on PeSIT receive.

For PeSIT, the sender can set the name of the Message Attributes Template to apply in PI12. In this case, the specified Message Attributes Template must exist in Activator or the transformation will fail.

Transformation of records on delivery

For the files that you send via PeSIT:

  • The source payload is a local file that is located in a directory that is accessible to the trading engine before sending.
  • The file is transformed during the sending process.
  • The file is transmitted in the destination (transformed) format.

As the initiator of the transfer, you must specify the transformation you want to do:

  • Indicate the format of the local file by setting the Local File Format attributes.
  • Indicate the format under which you want to send it by specifying the Virtual File Format.

To do this, you set the attributes in a Message Attributes Template. You must apply the Message Attributes Template on the message before it is sent (generally in the Message Handler).

For PeSIT exchanges with Axway Gateway, you can send the name of the Message Attribute Template that the Gateway receiver should apply in PI12.

Warning: Doubled transformation

Warning: When you configure Activator to transform a file that you receive through PeSIT, and also configure the message to be forwarded through PeSIT, the following two transformations occur:

  • Reception – transformation from virtual to local
  • Sending – transformation from local to virtual

Because the same set of transformation attributes are used both for receiving and for sending, your transformation is canceled. To avoid this, you must reset the transformation attributes in the Message Handler.

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