Example: Text transformation on PeSIT receive

In this example we configure Activator to transform a simple text file that is consumed though a PeSIT pickup.

Configuration steps

Step one: Create a message attributes template.

Create a message attributes template with the message attributes:

  • LocalFileRecordLength=32
  • LocalFilePaddingChar=0x2D
  • LocalFileCharSet=ASCII
  • LocalFileRecordFormat=FIXED_TEXT

For detailed information about creating message attributes templates, see Manage message attributes templates.

Step two: Configure the PeSIT pickup

Configure the PeSIT pickup to use the message attribute template you created in step one. We configure the pickup so that it does not read the protocol attributes for payload format information, but uses the message attribute template instead.

For detailed information about configuring PeSIT pickups, see:


For this example, let's assume that the virtual settings of the consumed payload are:

  • VirtualFileRecordLength=1024
  • VirtualFilePaddingChar=0x00
  • VirtualFileCharSet=ASCII
  • VirtualFileRecordFormat=VARIABLE_TEXT

When Activator consumes the following file through PeSIT pickup:

The file is saved locally in the following format:

Warning: If you are using PeSIT forwarding, the transformation settings will also apply when sending. If you send using the same settings, the file reverts to the original file format (from local format to virtual format). To avoid this, you must change one of the transformation settings in Message Handler before sending so that the second transformation does not apply. For example, you could set the LocalFileRecordFormat to OCTET_STREAM.

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