Send messages to the FDA

Once all configuration has been completed, you can send messages to the FDA by writing files to the integration pickup directory set up in Step 8 of Add an application pickup. You can send a single file or a directory containing many subdirectories and files.

When Activator polls the integration pickup directory, it expects the files or directories awaiting retrieval to be named in the following formats. Note that hyphens are used to separate values.

  • If a single file: SenderId-ReceiverId-FDACenter-FDASubmissionType-FileName.extension
  • If a directory: SenderId-ReceiverId-FDACenter-FDASubmissionType-DirectoryName
  • This format applies to the root directory, but not to any subdirectories.

SenderId and ReceiverId are the routing IDs of your community and the FDA partner, respectively.

FDACenter identifies the destination for the message, and FDASubmissionType identifies the type of electronic submission. You must obtain the values for both variables from the FDA.

Do not use spaces in routing IDs, file names or directory names.















Following these formats, the following figure illustrates messages awaiting retrieval in the integration pickup directory C:\FDA_Reports\out:


is the routing ID of the sender


is the routing ID of the receiver


is the FDACenter


is the FDASubmissionType


is the single file being picked up


is the directory being picked up

Note C:\FDA_Reports\out is only an example of the integration pickup directory path. You can use any path and directory name you want. See step 8 of Add an application pickup.

The FDA sends your community a receipt for each message it receives.

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