Proxy tab

The delivery exchange wizard and maintenance pages for HTTP and HTTPS transports for partners have fields for specifying whether connections must be made through a proxy.

Normally you do not need to define a partner proxy. Do not use this page unless your partner requires you to connect through a proxy on their end.

If the local community is configured with a proxy, the community proxy overrides all partner proxies. If you need both a community proxy and a partner proxy, your network administrator must configure your local proxy outside the application, to navigate the partner proxy.

The following describes the fields for the proxy tab on the maintenance page.

  • Use a proxy to access this server – Select this check box if you must pass through a proxy to reach the delivery exchange server. For partner exchanges, the proxy is located between Activator and the partner’s HTTP server.
  • Host – The URL of the proxy host.
  • Port – The port where the proxy host listens for connections.
  • This proxy requires a user name and password – Select this check box if the proxy requires a user name and password before it accepts the connection. Obtain this information from your partner.

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