Message attributes tab

Use the Message attributes tab to attach metadata to the messages Activator picks up from applications or receives from partners.

Metadata message attributes are an optional feature.

You can use the following methods to attach metadata to a message:

  • Message attributes template
  • Fixed message attributes

Message attributes template

Prerequisite: To have this feature available, you must first create at least one Message attributes template.

  • Default message attributes template to apply – From the drop-down list, select the template to use as the default for this delivery exchange. If you do not select a template, a message attributes template is not applied.
  • Use message attributes template provided by the protocol – This option is available only for OFTP and PeSIT exchanges. You can specify the template name in the file name of the message submitted by the sender or by the setting on this tab. The choices are:
    • Always. The file name specifies the template. If there is no matching template, the message fails.
    • If known. The same as Always, except if there is no matching template, the default template is used.
    • Never. The default template is used.
  • Message attributes template has priority over fixed message attributes – If fixed message attributes also have been configured on this tab and there is a conflict between fixed attributes and a message attributes template, select this option to give the template priority over the fixed attributes. If not selected, fixed attributes have priority.

Fixed message attributes

Use these fields to associate attributes with fixed values to messages picked up on an exchange. Whenever the exchange handles a document, the metadata are attached. This is useful when, for instance, you want to trigger processing actions based on an attribute or engage in ebXML trading using static metadata.

You can use both directory mapping and fixed attributes in an exchange configuration. If you do this, make sure that the attributes do not overlap. If overlapping occurs, a fixed attribute takes precedence over directory mapping.

Using the fields:

  • Attribute name – From, the drop-down list, select an attribute name, enter a value for the selected attribute in the Value field and click Add.


  • An attribute/value pair can trigger, for instance, a post-processing action. For more information, see Add post-processing elements.
  • if you want to do ebXML trading without using MMDs, you can add attributes that match the required MMD elements. For more information, see Using fixed metadata.

Attributes for email addresses

The trading engine supports the following email address attributes on the Message attributes tabs of SMTP delivery exchanges:

  • ediint.EmailToAddress – Overrides the “to” address set on the delivery exchange.
  • ediint.EmailFromAddress – Overrides the “from” address set on the delivery exchange.
  • email.EmailToAddressList – Enables sending messages to multiple recipients.
  • email.EmailCcAddressList – Enables sending copies of messages to multiple recipients.
  • email.EmailBccAddressList – Enables sending blind copies of messages to multiple recipients.

Each List attribute supports multiple email addresses in a comma-separated series. For example:,,

Do not enter email addresses in URL format. For example, do not use an address in the format:

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