EDI splitter tab

Use the EDI splitter tab to break apart documents containing more than one interchange into separate documents.

  • Enable the EDI splitter – Select this option to enable splitting.
  • Caution: If you select this option you must enable file backups on the Advanced tab. The EDI splitter does not work when the backup option is disabled.

The EDI splitter works for X12, EDIFACT, and TRADACOMS documents. The splitter looks for segments bracketed between interchange control headers. These are:

EDI document type

Header segment

Trailer segment










The splitter rejects documents whose control numbers do not match or are missing a trailer segment.

This integrated utility splits interchanges, including the headers and trailers, into separate documents containing a single interchange. If the original file contains only one interchange, the utility produces the original file with no changes.

In Message Tracker the original unsplit document has a status of Split. When viewing the details of the original, the document summary tab reports “Message split” and provides links to the split payloads. When viewing the details of a split payload, the document summary tab reports “Message is the result of a split” and provides a link to the unsplit original.

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