Trade CIDX messages

To trade Chemical Industry Data Exchange messages, you must complete the usual steps to add CIDX PIP DTDs to the conf\rosettanet\dtds directory and edit the pipdefinitions.xml to file to include the PIPs. In addition, you must use the CidxPackaging attribute to flag payloads as CIDX messages. The attribute must have a value of true. You can use only the RosettaNet 1.1 message protocol to trade CIDX messages.

The CidxPackaging attribute must be set on the community integration pickup exchange. You can add CidxPackaging = true by opening the pickup exchange's maintenance page in the user interface and adding it on the message attributes tab. Alternately, you can add it in an inline process or as JMS metadata. Do not add the attribute to MMDs picked up from integration; the attribute cannot be parsed from MMDs.

Service content alone does not provide sufficient information to trade CIDX messages. You must use MMDs or an equivalent means (JMS metadata, inline process).

Do not set the CidxPackaging attribute on the community delivery exchange for receiving messages from partners. Activator can identify CIDX messages when unpacking messages sent by partners.

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