Add DTD-based PIP

Use this procedure to use a DTD-based PIP not already supported by Activator.

Activator supports a number of DTD-based PIPs. The PIP document type definitions (DTDs) are in <install directory>\conf\rosettanet\dtds.

  1. Obtain the correct version of the PIP package from RosettaNet at .
  2. A PIP package is a zip file containing the PIP specification in a Word document, one or more XML DTDs and one or more HTML message guidelines files. The DTDs, one per PIP message, define the structure of the messages involved in the PIP. The HTML message guidelines files, one per PIP message, describe the elements of the message in detail.
  3. Copy the DTDs to <install directory>\conf\rosettanet\dtds.
  4. Define the PIP in the pipdefinitions.xml file. See Communities.
  5. When you upgrade later to a newer version of Activator, you must copy the DTDs to the dtds directory of the new application. You also must change the pipdefinitions.xml file for the new application.

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