Message metadata documents

In file system integration with a back-end system, Activator supports RNIF using message metadata documents (MMDs) as the interface between it and the back-end. The MMDs are XML documents that point to a RosettaNet document on a file system and contain information Activator uses to process documents.

Activator generates MMDs for the documents it sends to a back-end system. To do this you must use the file system with message metadata integration option. Your back-end system must generate the MMDs for documents Activator retrieves from the backend.

The following figure is an example of an MMD associated with a RosettaNet document. For metadata descriptions, see RNIF metadata elements.

The following is an example of an MMD for RosettaNet.

You should use MMDs when you want to override data in service content or when there are payloads in addition to the service content. In the latter case, when it is not necessary to override service content data, you do not have to specify metadata in the MMD. The MMD in such a case acts as the glue between the service content and additional payloads.

You do not have to use MMDs when the service contents contains all the data needed to generate headers and there are no payloads in addition to the service content.

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