PeSIT send and fetch using an MMD

You can use an MMD to issue a send or fetch to a trading partner side PeSIT server. To do this you require two delivery exchange types:

  • A PeSIT partner delivery exchange used for sending the MMD.
  • A community-embedded PeSIT server type delivery exchange used for receiving the fetched files.

To send a payload to a partner PeSIT delivery exchange, use a generic MMD request. See Use generic MMDs. Collaboration rules identify the PeSIT send. The partner must be valid.

To issue a fetch request to a partner PeSIT delivery exchange, use an MMD request with defined fetch parameters. The partner must have a PeSIT delivery exchange to re-use. The following metadata specifies the maximum number of files to be fetched: pesit.max.xfers.per.polling.interval. Message Tracker displays the MMD which initiated the fetch and the received responses.

Sample MMD:

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