Add or edit an X.25/B-ISDN router

To add or edit a router configuration for use by OFTP over X.25 or OFTP over X.25 over ISDN:

  1. Select System management on the toolbar to open the System management page.
  2. Select the X.25/ISDN routers tab.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click Add a X.25/B-ISDN router to add a router configuration.
    • Click a router name to edit its configuration.
  4. Complete or edit the fields (see X.25/B-ISDN router fields).
  5. When adding a router configuration, all fields display on the same page. When editing a router, the fields display across two tabs.
  6. Click Add to add a router or Modify to save changes for an existing router.

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